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About Us - Rasa Istimewa Restaurant

Where Good Halal Food Congregates

Our Humble History

Rasa Istimewa Restaurant has her humble beginning as a small restaurant at Simpang Bedok in 1997 under Rasa Istimewa Bedok and moved to a bigger premise in Choa Chu Kang Park in 2002.  The restaurant at Choa Chu Kang Park undergone major refurbishment in 2012 with significantly better ambience, décor and introduce a number of new cuisine to the menu.  A second outlet was opened in 2012 at Woodlands Waterfront Park named Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant, which is uniquely located on an existing jetty on Johor Strait with fantastic scenic view of both Johor and Singapore shores and skylines.  Our third outlet was opened at 2018 at Pasir Ris Park named Rasa Istimewa Restaurant @ Pasir Ris Park. At August 2018, Rasa Istimewa Restaurant @ C2K Park has ceased its operation, and moved to SAFRA Jurong at November 2018, in which the restaurant is named Rasa Istimewa Restaurant @ SAFRA Jurong.


Rasa Istimewa name reflect the passion to cater special flavour or taste of Chinese-style Halal cuisine to our Muslim Community to savour with their non-Muslim friends and colleagues. Our restaurant Motto is “Where Good Halal Food Congregates” and hence it is our mission to provide a good spread of good Halal cuisine to please your taste buds.   Rasa Istimewa Restaurant support and provide for kampong spirit where Muslims and Non-Muslims can come to dine together.   Rasa Istimewa Restaurant is proud that today after more than a decade in the business; we have a large customer base, Muslims and Non-Muslims, from all parts of Singapore.  Majority of our customers are repeated customers and our popularity is all gained primarily by the ‘word of the mouth’.   Rasa Istimewa Restaurants are ideal place to enjoy a satisfying meal with your family and friends and to celebrate birthday and to commemorate company event.

Rasa Istimewa Restaurant @ SAFRA Jurong ( 2002 - 2018 was known as Rasa Istimewa Restaurant C2K, relocated to SAFRA Jurong at 2018 till present )

Located at SAFRA Jurong building, Rasa Istimewa Restaurant @ SAFRA Jurong offers a wide selection of cuisines and an indoor seating capacity for about four hundred people. Our restaurant is equipped with audio visual facilities such as TV Displays, Projectors, Microphones etc. and a central stage as well, which is perfect for Muslim Weddings, Private and Corporate functions.

Rasa Istimewa Restaurant @SAFRA Jurong caters a great number of signature and favourite dishes such as our Chilli and Black Pepper Crab, Cereal Butter and Salted Egg Prawns, Curry Fish Head and Barbecue stingray and cuttlefish. Other crowd pleasers include Mee Goreng, Kangkong Sambal Belachan, Tiga-Rasa Fried Fish, Hot Plate Seafood Tofu, Tahu Telor, Fried Yu-Tiao with Minced fish paste, Prawn paste Chicken and Marmite Chicken Drumlets.  Our satay and fish otah otah are also hot favourites and are ordered by almost every customer as a starter. Also, exclusively at Rasa Istimewa SAFRA Jurong, it provides Halal “Mala” Hotpot which is a new addition to our cuisines.  

To compliment your meals, Rasa Istimewa Restaurant @ SAFRA Jurong offers a wide variety of hot & cold beverages including many special drinks such as “Milo Dinosaur’, ‘Jurassic’, Ice-blended Fresh Lime Juice, Home-Made Sour Plum Drink, Ice-blended Longan & Lychee and Non-Alcoholic Mocktails. It also provides a wide variety of desserts including Ice-cream, Ice-Kachang, Chendol, and Soursop with Mango.

Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant ( 2012 till present )

Enjoy a satisfying meal out with friends and family at Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant. Try out our Muslim food, BBQ seafood, western cuisine & satays! Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant offers an extensive selection of Muslim seafood, satay, ikan bakar (BBQ seafood) as well as western cuisine. Since its opening, the family-oriented restaurant has garnered a strong following of loyal customers comprising of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. You’ll definitely find something that suits your taste buds amongst the myriad of dishes from satay, BBQ stingray, fried rice, tom yam soup, hotpot and claypot dishes, fish & chips and many more! The restaurant had been renovated with partial glass walls to showcase the stunning waterfront scenery. Windows are usually kept open for you to enjoy the cool sea breeze and picture-perfect dining at its best. Besides the gorgeous scenery, their friendly service and quality food at reasonable prices will keep you coming back for more!

Rasa Istimewa Restaurant @ Pasir Ris Park ( 2018 till present )

Located at the charming and tranquil Pasir Ris Park, Rasa Istimewa Restaurant @ Pasir Ris is Halal Fusion Cafe/ Restaurant with a wide selection of cuisines, including Chili Crab, Nonya Curry fish head, BBQ seafood etc. To compliment these favourites are a wide variety of hot & cold beverages, specially made drinks such as special non-alcoholic "mocktails" and special coffee, and assorted desserts including ice-creams, snow-ice and fresh fruit juices. 

What’s special about this outlet as compared the others, it also has a Cafe Section which provides daily newspapers, a library of the latest magazines, charging points for mobile devices and as well as free WIFI for patrons who wish to chill and enjoy quality time with their friends and family under the relaxing and cozy ambience.

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